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This is a good spot to introduce myself and to welcome you to my website, I am embarking on a new venture and I want you to join me. Thank you for checking out my site.

Welcome, and enjoy.


I am a 76 year young grandmother living in Arizona with my grandson and my cat, Cloud. Originally from Cleveland, OH, it was a long journey to sunny Arizona.

I worked in the telecommunication industry for about 18 years in two stretches; 10 years, then took a buyout. From there I worked for a company that took care of troubled teenagers in a wilderness, wagon train, and sailing settings. Now, that was a job I probably would have volunteered for. We lived in tipis or a covered wagon or on a boat, depending on where we were  “stationed”. I took care of the kids and helped with the mustangs and the kids took care of the wagons and the animals.  One of the mustangs I helped was a blue roan named Bluewater. I was successful in gentling him to ride.

I left there when my daughter got pregnant and was experiencing some difficulty with it. I still cry at times about leaving. But my grandson was worth it. After he was born, I went back to the phone company for another 8 years, until I could take early retirement.

I was so used to working; I found a part-time position at one of the universities in Cleveland.  And after 5 years there, I went back to being involved with troubled youth in an urban environment while trying to start a dude ranch and working with some Buffalo Soldiers re-enactors. My dude ranch did not get off the ground (no investors, no help).  But, I still have hope.

My daughter moved to California and I wound up there and from there to wonderful Phoenix because Phoenix was half off of Orange County.  Now I am embarking on another journey into unknown territory and I look forward to you taking at least part of the trip with me.


I love mustangs and know that the key to easing them into domesticity is patience and love with a dash of gentleness thrown in. I want to help others realize there is a different way to train a mustang and perhaps there will be more mustangs adopted.

jmrockeman / Pixabay

I think if more people realized that mustangs, though they are wild, can be gentled to the saddle which is not as hard on the body as breaking them, they may feel better about adopting one. It is easier on the mustang and easier on the trainer.



The purpose of my website is to educate people about mustangs, introduce “my” mustang. and to remind folks of some history about Arizona and the West.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Pat Pettie


4 thoughts on “About Pat”

    1. Hi Amanda,

      I agree, everyone should know. I am sort of a Black history buff, especially the Buffalo Soldiers, for a couple of reasons, I love the wild west; (the Cowboys and Indians). And I worked for a company that took care of troubled teens and part of their education and treatment included Buffalo Soldier quests where we loosely followed the trail of the Buffalo Soldiers, learning as we rode.

      Thanks for the comments.


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